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Chiro Business Mojo Chiropractic Podcast

We’re Rich & Haley Day, hosts of the

Chiro Business Mojo Chiropractic Podcast!


We help new Chiropractors create success in their practice by sharing with them the systems we used to open, buy, sell and run our own Chiropractic practices.

We’re also creators of the ChiroPlanner!

Helping others succeed is our #1 goal.

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We’re Drs. Rich & Haley Day!

Since opening our first clinic in 2009, we’ve developed and refined systems for operating and marketing successful lifestyle chiropractic practices with our ethical relationship building approach.

Are you currently a student, new doc, or experienced chiropractor that’s looking for a new approach? Then we want to help you be more successful in PRACTICE and in LIFE!

Building our practices from the ground up, we’ve learned a TON of lessons!

Our mission is to provide you with the resources and tools we wish we had when we were first starting out. We’ll also share the latest ideas and methods that are making our practices successful today.

Chiro Business Mojo Chiropractic Podcast

We made the ChiroPlanner for YOU!

Chiro Business Mojo Chiropractic Podcast

More than just a journal, it’s a guide to creating and launching your Chiropractic practice in 100 days.

It’s jam-packed with tools, tips, ideas, action steps, resources, and inspiring quotes from some of the top chiropractors and entrepreneurs in the world today.

Think of it as your own personal mentor; inspiring you, answering your questions,

helping you to set your goals, and advising you on the many unknowns of opening a practice.

Check out One of these Popular Chiro Business Mojo Podcast Episodes

We’re Chiropractors, Rich & Haley Day, and we’re bringing the Chiro Business Mojo Podcast back! With a more intentional approach to creating content that will help you all succeed in practice. Perfect for Chiropractic students, new docs, and Chiropractic practice owners. Including interviews with practicing doctors, interviews with businesses that support Chiropractic, and discussions between us about student loans, Chiropractic school, starting into practice, marketing, creating business systems, efficiency, and most importantly how to succeed! Listen to our re-introduction and update today!

Dr. Day interviews Dr. Jeff Langmaid, author and host of The Evidence Based Chiropractor podcast. Dr. Langmaid shares his insights into how Chiropractors can better serve their patients by providing evidence based care and learning how to co-manage with medical doctors. In this episode they discuss Dr. Langmaid’s personal journey, the business of chiropractic, the importance of market refinement, actionable communication tips you can use TODAY, and more.

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