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You Need A Vision

Earlier this week I talked about not comparing yourself to others because we all have different needs, wants, and aspirations in life and how comparing yourself to others will keep you from reaching your own goals. Today I’m talking about Vision. Regardless of where you’re at in life, having a clear vision is an extremely powerful tool you need in order to achieve the results you want out of life. With a vision, you have a clear sense of purpose and you’re able to make decisions that will get you closer to your goals and highest aspirations in life. We all at one time had a vision of becoming a doctor, caring for patients and making an impact in people’s lives by offering conservative treatment that would give our communities better options for their ailments. With this vision we set out to get the undergrad experience we needed, we chose a chiropractic school, took the classes, and continued to pursue the vision of being a doctor to the point we’re all at now. 

Our Vision

When Rich and I graduated almost 12 years ago we had a vision of opening a family chiropractic practice with low overhead, a cozy atmosphere, providing above standard care. With that vision we were able to set goals, make a plan, and take action to realize our vision. Once our vision included moving to a different state, buying another practice, and managing our first practice from out of state, we set new goals, made new plans, and took new actions. Then we had a vision of helping students and new chiropractors by creating this podcast and affordable resources for finding your ideal associate job and starting your own practice. We set goals, created a plan, and took action. So all of the actions we’ve taken, all started with a vision. A vision for what we wanted to do with our lives and how we wanted to grow and serve others, in order to support our family.

Your Vision

Today I want you to think about the vision you have for yourself. Once you have a vision you have a clear understanding of what choices are going to help you realize that vision. If you have a spouse then your vision will help guide you both in a unified direction. You’ll be able to work together and get more done, moving in the same direction. A unified team that is organized, focused, and working together to contribute to the vision is a better team! Also, having a unified vision creates an energy of inspiration and enthusiasm. This will be important in difficult or stressful times, because having a clear vision will produce persistence and remind you why you started. It will define your goals, help you make a plan, and create confidence in the actions you begin to take in order to realize the vision.

3 Things to Remember When Creating a Vision

  • Dream Big
  • Be positive
  • Be Clear

Once you Have a Vision

It’s time to start thinking about these things:

  • Do your friends and associates align with your vision? 
  • Are you spending your time wisely, in order to fulfill your vision? 
  • What do your current habits say about you?

How can you Start Creating a Vision for Yourself?

  • Peace and quiet. 
  • Think about what you like.
  • Think about what you don’t want.
  • Create a vision board.
  • Put what you want into words. 
  • Set goals!
  • Make a plan!
  • Start taking action

Join Us!

Want help with this process? Want like minded friends pursuing extraordinary goals? Join us in our facebook group. Follow us on Instagram @lifestylepractice. We have helped hundreds of students and chiropractors find their ideal associate job and start and build their own practices. We’d love to help you, wherever you’re at, to create and fulfill your own vision.

We’re creating the resources we wish we had when we first started! Hang out with us, download the resources, and make a plan! We can’t wait to get to know you and help you make some of those tough decisions. Your success is our goal!

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