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We’re celebrating 5 years with some new resources for Chiropractic Students! We simplify the processes so you can feel confident taking the steps necessary towards graduation and being in practice. If you are new to Lifestyle Practice Builders, then welcome to the family! There are close to 200 podcast episodes for you to get caught up on! Don’t stop there though, we have a robust website at with many, detailed blog posts to also get you started. If you’ve been here before then you know this episode is a long time coming, thanks for coming back we appreciate you! So why the delay? What have I been working on? Well, if you’re a student who’s starting to think about, plan, and make decisions about life after chiropractic school then I’ve created a special Chiropractic Student Career Planning Workshop series for you. Besides seeing patients, this is what I spent the last few months working on. During this workshop you will learn about the most popular options you’ll have after graduation, what you’ll need to think about to pick the BEST choice for you, and everything you can start working on now in order to succeed! There’s also several bonuses we’ve created to go along with the training. Learn more at!

We’re creating the resources we wish we had when we first started. Hang out with us, download the resources, and make a plan. We can’t wait to get to know you and help you make some of those tough decisions. Your success is our goal! 

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