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Dr. Beau Pierce: Founder of Circle of Docs-Grow Your Practice with Social Media

In this episode, Dr. Day interviews the founder of Circle of Docs, Dr. Beau Pierce. Dr. Pierce shares his insights into what 21st Century chiropractors can do to grow their practice.

Dr. Beau Pierce is a A 2009 Palmer Chiropractic West college graduate and second generation chiropractor who has been exposed to the idea of total wellness for over three decades. He represents an emerging digital generation that has proved social networking and online connectivity translates into growth and strength. He is the Founder of Circle of Docs, the online network for the Chiropractic Profession and his expertise in digital community building paired with his medical background has catapulted him to be a in demand speaker and lecturer.  He is also a competitive Ironman triathlete and was Quarterback for the Spartans at San Jose State University where he earned degrees in both Kinesiology and pre-medical Science. His practice is located in Santa Maria, CA.


Show Notes

  • Origin of COD: Dr. Pierce started by being a great networker in Chiropractic College. This networking continued after college, into practice he was contacted by his peers to collaborate ideas.
  • Dr. Gentempo- Action Potential Holdings Company supported COD’s vision of helping the profession.
  • 10,000 doctors have signed up with COD.
  • “Being out in practice is like being on an island.”
  • “The rising tide raises all ships if we do it the right way, if not we’ll sink.”
  • Most hidden feature of COD: research area. 5,000 research papers published by members. Any topic in chiropractic profession!
  • Other social media for chiropractors: find your demographics to target: Younger generation – Snapchat. Instagram, Twitter, AmpLIFEied, etc.
  • Facebook Live – great way to get instant feedback and connect with community.
  • Hiring a staff member through Facebook Live – great results!
  • With social media, just be you!
  • Get the conversation started about chiropractic by talking about life in general and connect on a personal level.
  • Share things on Facebook about other businesses within community.
  • “Chiropractic is social”
  • “Your net worth is your network.”
  • Branding yourself – what do you want to be known as?
  • When struggling, ask yourself- What you’re doing and why? Clarify your philosophy and your system.
  • New doctors’ action steps: Figure out who you are, visit 20 chiropractors. Can you afford that style of business? Lay down systems for your practice.
  • Currently no paid mentorship/coaching through COD.
  • Vision for future of COD: a true circle of docs. Chiropractors and other professions (Acupuncturists, Natropaths) joining together.
  • Use media that we have to change the world.
  • Success: comes down to personal belief. Seeing 1,000 patients per day or 15 patients per day? Helping professional athletes? Each person can define his/her own success.
  • Favorite book: Well-Adjusted Babies by Jennifer Barham-Floreani
  • Best business advice: “Simplicity, Probability, and Leverage” by Rick Sapio at Business Finishing School.
  • Don’t get “Superman Syndrome”- trying to do all jobs in your office.

Circle of Docs
Beau Pierce-circle of docs podcast “Who is Dr. Beau Pierce”
Action Potential Holdings Dr. Patrick Gentempo
Well-adjusted Babies, by Jennifer Barham-Floreani
Business Finishing School

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