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Dr. Ben Knight: How to Quickly Grow your Chiropractic Practice

Dr. Ben Knight was born and raised on a farm near Sergeant Bluff, IA.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA where he was a four-year letter winner and an All-American in wrestling. He later attended Northwestern Chiropractic College, where he met his wife, Chelsie. Not only does he have a high volume, high-collecting, vitalistic practice, but he has been able to create a practice model, where the wheels are still turning even when he is not there. Dr. Knight and his wife are able to step away from the office for a vacation every 2 months. Ben now resides in Chanhassen, MN with his wife Chelsie and their two dogs Bailey and Grecko.  The two of them love spending time in nature, fishing, listening to vinyl records and working on growing the new start-up church they belong to.


Show Notes

  • He believes in the value of a handshake and honoring your word.
  • He thinks it’s important to be an entrepreneur as well as a chiropractor.
  • During his start-up, failure was not an option.
  • Learned how to get patients by working as a marketer part-time during school.
  • He learned Brad Glowaki’s 10-minute talk
  • Best advice: it’s easy to ride the wave, but you need to increase your energy.
  • Growth happens in stair-steps.
  • Having an office manager is very important in order to have a successful practice.
  • Staff is now in charge of marketing.
  • Average visit is 3-5 minutes
  • Break down of his patient types: 15% insurance, 10% PI, 75% cash
  • “You need to strive at 360 degrees of success.”
  • “Marketing wheel,” Referrals, Talks during winter months, Dinner Talks, Screenings in the summer events.
  • Talking to managers of businesses: Health Strategies Program (increase in productivity, decrease in sick days).
  • Educating patients on the benefits of maintaining wellness is the strength of his office.
  • Success is measured in your own values. Hard work, realizing you don’t have it all figured out.
  • See what works for other people and give it a try!
  • Take a vacation every 2 months!
  • Have priorities outside of your business is important.
  • Actionable content: Be openly focused when in school. “Fail faster. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”
  • Lesson learned: Not invincible, overcome challenges.
  • “Win board” –  focus on the wins.
  • Successful = Bob Coughlin from church: joyful and congruent life.
  • Daily rituals: Keep a positive mindset ? Have a “Wins” board, Read books/ Bible.
  • Favorite Book: How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
  • Best business advice: “You need to focus on getting the patient to say yes” Find a solution to their pain.
  • Contact: email

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