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7 Best Mobile Apps for the Chiropractor!

Dr. Day shares the 7 BEST mobile apps he’s using in practice. Listen and find out how they can help with productivity, patient assessment, and education.


Show Notes

Teamviewer– Log in remotely for EHR and scheduling. Free! HIPAA certified.
Clinometer– Inclinometer app that has $1.99 or Free versions.
Google Docs– 15 GB storage, usage of Word, Powerpoint, etc. Extensions for chrome browser. Speech recognition to type. Collaboration feature. Free!
Spine Pro III– iPad and iPhone only. $9.99. 3D Animation of muscle, skin, etc. For patient education
Posture Screen Mobile– Picture of patient or video. Gait and Posture analysis. Body composition.
Dropbox– Data storage, HIPAA certified.
Pomodoro Technique– Work or study for 25 mins on, 5 mins off. Can use apps or timer on your phone.
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