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Bharon Hoag – Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Day talks with Bharon Hoag…..the energizer bunny of the chiropractic profession. This episode will have you fired up and ready to succeed like no other!

Bharon Hoag has been a leader in the business aspect of healthcare for almost two decades. He’s worked in the chiropractic profession for 18 years and taught for 16, developing his unique “non-doctor” approach through ownership and management of numerous clinics. He also served as the Executive Director of The Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA) for 6 years. This experience enabled him to facilitate a new model of State Association management. In his first year as ED the OSCA saw a 26% increase in membership. He developed a hands on approach to member benefits. Working with the members in their offices and helping them develop long term change and success. At the conclusion of this time with the OSCA the association saw a significant increase in membership and revenue. He is currently a founding partner of

Show Notes

  • “Chiropractic was misunderstood in a world that was looking for a simple solution.”
  • Chiropractic was flustered by the medical community in its history.
  • Managed care changed our focus to reimbursement instead of telling the story.
  • Medical care has many “co-morbidities” now, it’s a great time to be a chiropractor!
  • Some state organizations are designed so that there is no way for them to progress.
  • There has to be a way to take advantage of opportunities as they come and changes in state associates need to happen, but one thing must remain: No drugs in chiropractic: non-negotiable.
  • Getting inspired, telling the story of chiropractic!
  • Goal to be focused on specific things to move the needle for the chiropractor, without political restrictions of other organizations.
  • Healthcare consumer should choose chiropractic as their first choice.
  • We need to make chiropractors IN LOVE with being chiropractors again!
  • “One profession, one purpose, one vision, one chiropractic.”
  • States with multiple associations cannot stop fighting with each other.
  • Chiropractic needs to “Grow UP” as a profession.
  • Talk the TIC competition – 5 minutes or less driven to cause action for chiropractic.
  • Learning to talk about chiropractic the right way takes practice.
  • Bharon’s vision for chiropractic 10 years from now: unification with state associations, over 50% membership, maternity wards of hospitals, chiropractors involved in communities, schools flooded with students, reduction in opiate deaths, successful chiropractors.
  • People need to be inspired! Fear comes naturally.
  • If you are excited about something, you will automatically talk about it!
  • We have to get back to OWNING what we are doing.
  • Say in the mirror: “I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Today is a day that I am going to get to change the life of at least one person.”

Talk the Tic

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