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Dr. Bill Davis graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 2005 and started his own practice in Vista California. Over the next 3 years, he built a successful all-cash upper cervical specific practice seeing 100-125 patient visits per week and collecting around $30,000 per month. In November 2011 Dr. Davis had a life changing accident that ended his adjusting career and closed his practice.

Despite his challenges, Dr. Davis started a new business focused on online marketing for the work he loves. Upper Cervical Marketing specialized in helping upper cervical practices grow through the power of the Internet. His mission is to help sick and suffering people throughout the world find hope and healing through upper cervical care and most importantly to do it all for the glory of God.

Dr. Davis also volunteers as the public relations chair for the Upper Cervical Council and the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

Show Notes

  • Bill Davis shares an incredible story about how he had to work through a serious biking accident.
  • Upper Cervical Marketing: online marketing services, podcast, blog post, free resources, practice management.
  • Advice for new docs: They can do a lot themselves, but, after a while it is not feasible to do your own online marketing. Get help when you need it!
  • Advice for all docs: generate online reviews! Google, Yelp, Video testimonials.
  • Yelp is important in large cities but it can have a filtering problem. Patients’ reviews may not stay on Yelp unless they have done other reviews on other businesses.
  • Online marketing can work anywhere but must have right strategy and budget.
  • UCM: a comprehensive program- social media, review generator, website optimization, video.
  • Website is 10% of online marketing. Google local listing, Google Plus, Facebook, You Tube channel, video testimonials.
  • System: Lead generation program for different sizes of markets. Create website. Whiteboard video.
  • Actionable content for new doc: get a mentor, take associateship with someone you admire. Focus on online reputation.
  • For established doc: have good mentors, listen to podcasts, and focus on online reputation.
  • Success = Jesus. We can learn a lot from his life.
  • Morning routines set the tone for the day. Rituals: read bible, pray, family time.
  • Focus on your WHY.
  • “Leaders are readers”
  • Dr. Davis’ recommended books:
  • Best business advice: To have mentors!
  • Contact: – Podcast, Blog, Resources, Services and more!

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