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Show Notes


  • Day talks about the trials and tribulations in launching his podcast – Things don’t always go as planned.
  • “Life is like a river, it has currents. Sometimes you get swept to a place you weren’t planning on going… So get good at staying upright, riding the wave, and navigating the current.”


  • Dr. Michelle Robin – Treat every patient as if there’s a sign on their forehead that says, “MMFI” (Make me feel important)
  • Jackie Waechter – Provide a great experience for your customer, beginning to end.
  • Dr. Lawrence tam – It’s what YOU say about you that really matters, not what other say.
  • Dr. Beau Pierce – “A rising tide raises all boats.” That is, set the tone for your office and watch everyone else get better. Advice for new docs: Go shadow at least 20 chiropractors (and this is great advice for experienced docs who are stuck and want to make a change).
  • Tony Robbins – “Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.” Stop being upset when things don’t work the way you planned. Take the 50,000 foot view and realize that life is happening for you.
  • Seth Godin’s book Tribes – People want to belong to a group so sreate a tribe that loves YOU.
  • Bryan Beaver – Become a good listener.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid – Present to medical doctors how you can help with their patients.
  • Dr. Danny DeReuter – Post personal life on social media. People want to know about you and your life. 
  • Louie La Vella – Market the authentic you!
  • Craig Ballantyne – The three “C’s” Control what you can, Cope  with what you can’t, and Concentrate on what’s important. And Don’t waste time arguing!
  • Dr. Ed Osburn – Establish yourself as an expert. Create a niche.
  • Dr. Jamie Richards – Chiropractors are big dreamers with little action. Practice, Prep, Personal Days.
  • Lisa Engle – Do less telling and more listening, especially with female patients. Ask your patients who are moms, how we can help?
  • Bill Esteb – Becoming “findable” and “patient-centric”
  • Dr. John Minardi – Research is catching up to what chiropractors have been saying all along. Research shows that adjustments release dopamine which regulates cortisol. 
  • Dr. Gilles LaMarche – Create a purpose statement. Know the WHY before the WHAT.
  • Dr. Stuart Hoffman – Help patients through the misinformation about stroke and chiropractic. Check out his FREE informed consent form.
  • BIG IDEAS: Mindset! Communication! Social Media!

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