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Dr. Krista is the founder of the American Posture Institute, President of the League of Chiropractic Women, and creator of the Fabulosity Guide. She is also the head of the research committee for LCW, as well as a Postural Neurologist with certifications in Clinical Neuroscience from Duke University. In addition to her professional positions, Dr. Krista is also an author to several books, the most notable being the textbook “The Principles of Posturology” which was edited by Dr. Dan Murphy. Dr. Krista is one of the leading experts in the Posture world, and regularly speaks on topics pertaining to posture from clinical success, practice management, increased referrals, marketing strategies, expert positioning and communication aspects.

Show Notes


  • Certified Posture Expert Program – analyze posture distortion, corrections.
  • Certified Posture Neurologist Program – Brain based postural strategies.
  • Addressing posture vs communicating posture – show pre and post posture pictures.
  • Apps for analyzing posture: PostureScreen mobile, Posture Pro
  • Increase bottom line by $100,000 per year!
  • Immediate results the patients can see and understand important in retention.
  • Workplace ergonomics: “Tech neck”, “Digital Dementia”
  • Chiropractors are the best doctors to address posture.
  • Future for the American Posture Institute: expanding and educating the masses of people about posture.
  • “Defining your unique expert position”
  • Unclear communication. “Farming vs Hunting”
  • Actionable content for new grads – unique expert position. What are you talented at? What are you passionate about? What can you make money doing? Build yourself on social media, even as an associate or student.
  • Actionable content for experienced doc: avoid complacency and getting bored in practice. Start thinking about the next level. Focus on neurology. Focus on results.
  • Learning from failures – moving to Italy after graduation, “treadmill effect,” succeeded by focusing on posture.
  • Success = Tony Robbins, Dr. Cathy Wendland Colby
  • Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephan Covey
  • Best business advice: “Don’t let your small business keep you small minded.”
  • Worst business advice: Focusing on the sale. Lowering prices.
  • Contact:

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