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Dr. Rob Hanopole attended both the University of Maryland and Life College of Chiropractic in Georgia. He’s also Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) certified through Texas Chiropractic College.

Dr. Hanopole owns and operates Active Life Chiropractic & Wellness in Plantation, Florida and  he is the author of “Just Say YES To Chiropractic – Your Best Choice to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness…Naturally!”

Along with Dr. Gary Trupo, he started, a service to provide chiropractors and other practitioners with a system to add “Nationally Published Author” to their title.

Show Notes

  • At 11 years old, his brain was already thinking in an alternative healthcare way.
  • Totally Booked Practice – new patient marketing company using books.
  • Becoming an author gives recognition and credibility, enhances the way people see you.
  • How it works: 60-90 days. The book is a vehicle to bring in patients.
  • 28 Ways to Boost New Patient Volume Using Your Own Book
  • The books are personal. Your thoughts and philosophies.
  • How it works: Who do you want to attract into your office? Choose topics you’re interested in, do interviews. Edit, proof, format, design, ISBN code, print, publish and deliver. Marketing directions.
  • Whether people read the book or not, the impact is the same.
  • “Passive perpetual promotion”
  • “A product is what you perceive it to be: Marketing 101.”
  • Clients are taught how to sell the books, but are encouraged to give them away.
  • Typically soft cover; 120-150 pages; Order numbers: 500-1000-1500 book program (50-100-150 new patient program).
  • Cost – reorders are less expensive.
  • 500 books: $6,997 upront, 622/ mo for 12 months, 232/mo for 36 months
  • 1000 books: $8,997 upfront, 799/mo for 12 months, 299/mo for 36 months
  • 1500 books: $9,997 upfront, 888/mo for 12 months, 332/mo for 36 months
  • No extra cost for coaching and strategy.
  • When a book is handed to a patient, they cannot believe they are getting something so valueable “Celebrity effect.”
  • Your book is your new business card!
  • Developing a way to distinguish himself is how he overcame the challenge of 100 chiropractors in a one-mile radius.
  • “Growth can only come when you get uncomfortable.”
  • Busting Your Rut by Daniel Drubin “Pain of complacency or the pain of growth?”
  • “You have to adjust the subluxation between their ears.”
  • Personal hero: Dr. Hanopole’s father.
  • Hearts and Minds of America’s Leading Chiropractors
  • Acknowlege the people in your life that have helped you.
  • Contact: 888-243-2661
  • or call Dr. Hanopoles’ cell: 954-296-8473
  • Special offer for mentioning this podcast!

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