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The Podcast is Back!

Rich Day, D.C. & Haley Day, D.C.

  • We started in July 2016, the same day our third daughter was born
  • We produced over a 100 episodes and have had over a bazillion listens.
  • We decided to take a break Summer of 2017 so that we could focus on our kids and moving to a new home.
  • If you’re new to our podcast we want to say welcome and take a minute tell you about ourselves and our background.

  • What have we been doing?
    • We have a website – if you visit there, there’s a button to setup a no pressure strategy call, we will dive deep into your current plans, and give you an actionable plan for the next few months. Work in progress…more coming soon.
    • Planner for Chiropractors walking them through the most important steps of opening and operating their practice, includes 100 day planner to keep track of to-dos, contacts, and wins learn more at
    • New position as Director of clinical operations, teaching business courses at Cleveland, working with students as they progress through the last year of school and into practice
    • Speaking to groups at Cleveland – reach out if you’d like us to setup a talk at your school, on your campus.
    • We started coaching clients, assisting new grads and Chiros in their first few years as they set up systems, navigate insurance, billing, marketing and communicating with patients.
    • Third printing of the ChiroPlanner, we are working on the next edition and adding an online component for those who have already purchased and for future purchasers of the ChiroPlanner.
    • We are currently developing our first online course, more to come on that in April.
  • What’s new with the podcast?
    • Student Loans Tips/Hacks.
    • Common mistakes to aviod when you’re new in practice
    • Core tenants of a lifestyle practice – low overhead, efficient systems, referral built.
    • The podcast the same but a little different.
    • More intentional with the topics and guests. Since the original podcast we’ve learned a bit more about ourselves and our why. We want to make sure that we’re interviewing guests that will add value to our audience and provide actionable content for growing a successful practice
    • When we started our practice 10 years ago, we were evidence based, family practice, community driven, relationship based, low overhead, What we’ve coined as being a lifestyle practice. Our podcast guests and topics will reflect those goals.
    • We want to talk to more practicing chiropractors that are thriving in practice.
    • More episodes with us talking about the topics you’ve told us you want to hear about. We want more of Haley. More people/businesses that serve chiropractors. Talk more about different options in practice, we want give more value per episode by giving more help, we want to create more downloadable resources. 
  • What’s the same with the podcast?
    • Still a focus on helping new and experienced docs with the business side of practice
    • we still want to interview non-DCs, small business entrepreneurs in order to get insights on universal business and marketing strategy
    • still top notch guests.


We already have some great guest interviews recorded or scheduled that include:

  • ACA
  • Kevin Christie
  • Jennifer Gomm
  • Kathy Mills Chang
  • HIPAA Specialist
  • Social Media Management

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