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Couples in Chiropractic: Rich & Haley Day Couples in Chiropractic

In this episode, Rich and Haley discuss what it takes to work side-by-side with your spouse to open and grow a practice! Learn about how they have successful grown and managed their practices for the past 10+ years, while caring for 4 kids!

Show Notes

We had known each other all the way through school and been dating 2.5ish years when we opened our practice. Rich’s son, Eric, was almost 8 years old and he was our #1 priority. Our #2 priority was the office!

Our schedule was so that Rich could take Eric to school, go have lunch with him if he wanted, and pick him up from school on the days needed. Occasionally Eric would go to the office if we were both busy with patients, but if I could schedule my patients around us not going then I would. For any extended time we had with him, we planned trips typically to drive back to KC to visit family.

During the summer we scheduled our hours to be home with Eric the days we had him, so that we could hangout, go to the pool, etc.

This meant we would work extra hours when we didn’t have him. We realized that to be able to take the time to be with him, that we would need to be consistent with networking and growing the practice during our other time in order to keep the momentum we were having to grow the practice.

During this time I also worked for another doctor 2 or 3 days a week for extra income. So, Rich focused on patient care, marketing, networking, etc. When I could I would help with networking, office systems, and marketing.


We attended as many chamber events as possible. Rich was in BNI, I would occasionally go too. Rich set-up talks – library and local clubs. We ran a newspaper ad and had an article written about us that resulted in several new patients. One of the best connections we made was getting connected with the local high school for sports physicals. We also gave presentations to the students at the elementary school and middle school.

Our Focus

Rich focused more on patient treatment and developing a system for communication and giving effective report of findings, documenting notes, and creating a patient office flow.

I focused on anything to do with numbers-bookkeeping, accounting, KPIs; networking – used spare time to connect with people around us and I was on the Chamber board, social media strategy, and marketing & patient retention.

Having Kids…Chiropractic Family

As the office got busier and we started having babies Rich’s focus continued to be anything related to patient care. He also began focusing on PI work and networking, continued dialing in patient care compliance and treatment plans.

I focused on numbers – bookkeeping, accounting, KPIs, payroll, billing; business systems, call backs, patient retention, social media.

Moving to Kansas

Rich trained Associates on our model for patient care.

I monitored numbers and trained CA and doctor on business systems, continued to maintain social media, continued billing, audit notes, billing, deposits, and collecting KPIs.

Staying in our lane…

For us along our journey there were many reasons separating the job like this worked for us. To have one main treating doctor: at first so I could work another job and so that one of us could always be available to care for Eric. Then as we got busier, there was enough work for me to do mostly CA/office manager work, plus have a light patient load. Once we started having babies, then moving and having more babies.

Since moving to KS

Rich as Director of Clinical Operations at Cleveland University has learned so much about all of it! He manages patient marketing, office systems, office numbers, notes, billing, compliance, etc. As the treating doctor in our practice, Rich, oversees all patient interaction and treatment.

I managed most pieces of the CO practice and continue to do billing, accounting, and keep numbers for the KS office.


We always talk about all of it together. We feel like even if we have areas we’re better at, we appreciate each others opinions on our areas of expertise. We’re open to doing things different and trying something different!



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