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House Call Chiropractor – Lucas Marchand, D.C.House Call Chiropractor Lucas Marchand

Chiropractor, Lucas Marchand is a house call chiropractor in Sioux Falls, SD. He travels to his patients so they can get well without all the hassles. He grew up in Sioux Falls and attended chiropractic college at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN. After graduating he practiced in Texas for a year as an associate before moving back to Sioux Falls and starting his very own House Call Practice.

Show Notes

House Call Chiropractor, Lucas Marchand, joins Haley for a discussion on becoming a House Call Chiropractor.

  • Dr. Marchand tells us a little bit about why he became a Chiropractor.
  • His plans after graduation.
    • Why he settled on being a House call Chiropractor.
    • Does he have employees?
    • What he’s using for notes
    • Does he bill insurance?
    • Are there tax benefits to being a house call Chiropractor?
    • He saves a bunch on overhead, what are some things that become more expensive? Drawbacks to consider before starting?
  • Why do people seek out a House Call Chiro?
  • I was intrigued by a post he made on Facebook that he saw 30 one day, half of which were in a small business.
    • How did he make that corporate connection?
    • Do he approach the businesses or they find him?
    • How is payment in an. office setting structured?
  • What are some office system tools he uses in practice to keep overhead low and run more efficiently? Online scheduling, VAs, text reminders, etc.
  • What office system tools has he used that didn’t work?
  • What other marketing has worked best for growing his house call practice?
  • Think he’ll ever decide to go brick and mortar or invest in a mobile office?
  • In terms of success in business, what does he see that separates the very successful docs from those that are struggling?
    • Does he have a single piece of advice or action steps he would give a:
      • new doc interested in starting a House call Chiro business?
      • an experienced doc that is stuck or wants to make a change?
    • What’s his awesome Facebook group for House Call Chiros?
    • What are his daily rituals, habits, affirmations that he does each day?

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