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Sarah Kucera – Building a Chiropractic Practice with a Life of its Own!

Dr. Sarah Kucera is the founder of Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts, a wellness sanctuary in the heart of the Crossroads District in downtown Kansas City. She is a licensed chiropractor, registered yoga teacher, and certified Ayurvedic practitioner. In addition to being an entrepreneur and healthcare provider, she is a writer—contributing to print and online publications and author of the book The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook: Holistic Healing Rituals for Every Day and Season.

Show Notes

  • Why Sarah became a Chiropractor.

  • Tell us about Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts
    • Her path prior to opening
    • What sparked the idea?
    • How she got it started?
    • The vision for Sage
    • Did she have a business plan?
    • What is her roll in the business?
    • How many service providers are in the space? Are they employees/Independent Contractors/both?
    • How long did it take for her to feel like, “Wow, this is working!”
    • Do she use an EHR?
  • Office system tools she uses in practice to keep overhead low and run more efficiently? Online scheduling, VAs, text reminders, etc.
  • What marketing has worked best for for growing Sage?
  • How her practice page on Facebook has over 2000 likes.

Sarah’s Book

  • About the book

  • How long ago did she have the idea for it?

  • Writing a book is a lot of work! What kind of habits did she create to get it done?

Sarah’s advice for new doctors and experienced doctors

Final Thoughts:

  • Does she have a favorite book she recommends to MojoNation?

  • Best business advice she’s ever received?

  • Best way for people to connect with her?

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