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The Science Behind Changing Habits

Book Review: The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

Dr. Day discusses the science behind changing habits, according to New York Times best selling author, Charles Duhigg. In his book, “The Power of Habit,” Duhigg discusses the simple, yet powerful steps that will transform individuals and companies into winning machines.

In The Power of Habit, Pulitzer Prize–winning business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries. He explains why habits exist and how they can be changed. Distilling vast amounts of information into engrossing narratives that take us from the boardrooms of Procter & Gamble, to the sidelines of the NFL, to the front lines of the civil rights movement, Duhigg presents a whole new understanding of human nature and its potential. At its core, The Power of Habit contains an exhilarating argument: The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, being more productive, and achieving success is understanding how habits work. By harnessing this new science, we can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives.

Show Notes

  • If you want to make a change in your practice, you need to change yourself.
  • We are always trying to help our patients lead healthy lives, and they have bad habits.
  • Habits of Michael Phelps, Starbucks, Target, NFL teams, etc.
  • Habits are the keys to success in many aspects of life.
  • The brain is constantly looking for shortcuts.
  • 40% of what we do every day is habit.
  • The Habit Loop: Que (or trigger), Routine, Reward
  • Motivation is the brain’s craving.
  • Brushing your teeth- gives you a clean feeling.
  • Cannot extinguish bad habits but you can change the cycle by changing the routine and reward.
  • Become part of a group that can support you while you are changing your habits.
  • A “Keystone Habit” – has a ripple effect on other habits
  • Will power must be practiced and exercised like a muscle or it becomes weak.
  • “Once you understand that you can change habits, you have the freedom and responsibility to change them.”
  • “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

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