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ChiroPlanner Review

Some of you may be wondering if you should buy a ChiroPlanner. So, I wrote this post in our private Facebook group. It’s somewhat of a ChiroPlanner review that should help answer some of the questions you have about purchasing a copy for yourself. This ChiroPlanner review will also provide several lessons to be learned about owning and running a business, having customers, and providing a service to the public.

What Happened?

Someone returned the ChiroPlanner last weekšŸ˜±, which makes 3 total the whole time we’ve been selling them the last 18 months. Not bad right? Actually, it’s to be expected.Ā So, what’s the big deal?

Well, let’s break this down…
A) The buyer scanned it for it’s contents & sent it back
B) The buyer opened it and it wasn’t what they thought
C) The buyer had regret because debt is high

The ChiroPlanner cost $57 (free shipping). This is about 1/3 the price of your first patient exam and treatment. It’s insanely low!Ā There are internal marketing ideas, external marketing ideas, quotes from successful docs, action items on certain days of the planner, mindset stuff, goal setting, practice planning, and the list goes on.
If you read it, work through the 100 day planner, and use the ideas in it…I guarantee it will give you momentum in practice.

The ChiroPlanner is not:chiroplanner Review

  • An all-inclusive manual
  • Opening your practice for you
  • Marketing your practice for you
  • Doing all the hard work
  • An accountant
  • An attorney
  • A business coach
  • A business consultant

The ChiroPlanner is:

  • A resource
  • A general guide for opening a practice
  • A planner!
  • Accountability Partner
  • Idea generator-marketing, systems, etc…
  • Inspiration for your practice
  • And, more…

Let’s talk about Persons A – B – C who Bought a ChiroPlanner

Person A(Scanned the planner)-

Person A won’t like us or the ChiroPlanner because everything we do is the right thing to do. We don’t use sleazy sales tactics, sell large treatment packages, or scare our patients into care. We ethically build strong relationships with our patients, give great care, and let the referrals pour in. This person wasted their time(and ours) ordering, scanning, and returning the ChiroPlanner. They probably won’t even look at the scan because there’s no value in it for them. This approach to business will FAIL.

Person B(The planner was different than what they thought) –

It’s a 100 day PLANNER(this makes up over half the book). The PLANNER portion of our book is meant to keep you accountable, focused, and consistent – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE TO CREATE A GREAT PRACTICE! Everything else in the ChiroPlanner(and it’s a lot) is a BONUS. This person should buy a 5 pack of highlighters, a couple of their favorite pens, and get to work! BE-DO-HAVE

Person C(Needed the $57 more than the planner) –

This book has so many ideas and tips to help bring in new patients. The return on investment (ROI) any buyer will get is worth way more than the cost. But, I understand the deleting effect of having debt. It can be consuming, however, you’ll need to realize where the smart investments are in your practice. (The ChiroPlanner IS a smart investment and valuable resourcešŸ˜‰)

So, what’s the Lesson?

Do not take it personal when patients respond negatively to your practice/care. Everyone is different and has different needs. As long as you are you, give great care, and provide a safe and inviting atmosphere, then the patient’s negativity has everything to do with the patient, and nothing to do with you!

  • Let them gošŸ˜‰
  • Don’t change who you are to accommodate them.
  • Let them find the right doctor for them.

These are all reasons we need to focus our marketing on our ideal patient avatar(IPA), and have a clear sense of who we are and what our practice provides.Ā Minimize your returns and let go of the ones you do have, the minute they leave your practice! Don’t waste energy worrying about the negative few, trust me! Take a shower, go out to dinner, have a beer, wake-up the next day and FOCUS ON ALL OF YOUR GREAT PATIENTS!

ChiroPlanner Testimonials

“The ChiroPlanner helped me so much with starting my practice. There is detailed information about what you need to get done prior to opening and great tips about marketing and networking. The actual planner pages help hold you accountable each day, helps you set daily and weekly goals, and inspires you! I would recommend this book for any chiropractic student in their last trimester and anyone looking to start their own practice!” Ashton Popple, D.C. (Facebook Review)

“The ChiroPlanner and Chiro Business Mojo podcast are both awesome resources for planning your own practice! Even working as an associate, I loved using the ChiroPlanner to keep me accountable and on track with marketing and everything that growing a practice involves! I highly recommend to anyone starting out or starting over in practice!” Jenna Voegeli, D.C. (Facebook Review)

“Holy cow what a great resource tool! I do not believe my office would be up and running so soon after graduation had I not had this resource. Thank you Dr. Day’s for all of your help along the way!” Ethan James, D.C. (Facebook Review)

“ChiroPlanner is a wonderful resource for new chiropractic offices and doctors. It helps greatly to organize not only what you need to accomplish and in what order, but deals with a successful mindset. I am truly thankful to Dr. Day and his wife for creating this wonderful planner!” Charity Rose, D.C. (Facebook Review)

Do you have more specific questions about the ChiroPlanner or your practice? Reach out to us using the form below!