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The Chiropractic Philanthropist

Guest: Dr. Ed Osburn

In today’s episode Dr. Day interviews Chiropractor, entrepreneur, and host of the Chiropractic Philanthropist podcast, Dr. Ed Osburn.

Dr. Ed Osburn practiced for 14 years–creating a thriving family wellness office with his equally enthusiastic wife, Dr. Karen Osburn. Forced to give up his dream practice after being diagnosed with a severe illness, he was looking for a way to bounce back and continue serving in the profession he loved. He did so by creating The Chiropractic Philanthropist podcast, which quickly became the Chiropractic profession’s #1 podcast and a massive resource for doctors. Dr. Osburn’s mission is to deliver practical and concise “know-how” to all doctors, so they can experience massive levels of success.


Show Notes

  • Backstory of the Chiropractic Philanthropist Podcast: a way to stay involved and give back to the profession without being in the clinic.
  • Coach of the coaches of chiropractors
  • Some practices may look really successful on the outside but they aren’t actually making that much money on the inside. Must look at the net profit.
  • 2 Questions: What do you want? Are you actually making money at the end of the day?
  • Create a Money Map
  • Key to social media: go to where you want your potential patients. Facebook (videos), LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat
  • Your brand is a reflection of you. Research colors and meanings, make it true to your personality. Don’t rush the process.
  • Actionable advice: Start a podcast!
  • Free training on The Chiropractic Philanthropist for starting a podcast
  • Laptop Lifestyle Podcast – filling the gap
  • 2 Large setbacks, including losing his house. Dr. Osburn rebuilt his business twice.
  • Grant Cardone
  • Ask Gary Vee podcast
  • Dr. Osburn’s quote: “You are your patient”
  • Worst advice he’s ever received: to cancel disability because chiropractors never get sick.

Chiropractic Philanthropist
Chiropractor’s Laptop Lifestyle

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