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Elise Darma – Chiropractor Instagram Tips

Everyday, online business owners are leveraging the hottest social media platform today – Instagram – toElise Darm Instagram tips for Chiropractors generate leads, book in clients, make sales, and strengthen their brand’s authority.

Elise Darma hosts no-fluff courses and workshops over at that cut through the noise when it comes to Instagram marketing – so that you can get the most out of your social media efforts, while freeing up your time to do the work you love.

As an agency business owner of Canupy Inc since 2013, Elise has collectively grown Instagram accounts to over 250,000 followers, brokered 100s of deals between influencers and brands, and has created more blogs and newsletters than she can count.

She’s been featured for her Instagram expertise in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, Elite Daily, Teachable and Later.

Show Notes

  • How long has Elise been using Instagram to help grow businesses?

  • More interaction on Instagram in the last 6 months, and less on Facebook. Is it smart for Chiropractors to be on the platform?

  • If someone is just starting on Instagram, where to focus marketing strategy? What are some first steps to take?

    • How much time should you expect to start seeing results?

  • In terms of success with Instagram, what separates the very successful businesses from those that are struggling?

  • Actionable content for listeners:

    • What to do over the next 30 days to increase awareness for your office?

    • I love Elise’s blog and Instagram feed, what is one blog post that she thinks would be helpful for mojonation?

  • Elise has a program that teaches Instagram strategy. If a Chiropractor wanted to learn the material or have an assistant in the practice learn the material.


  • Daily rituals, habits, affirmations that she does each day?

Final Thoughts:

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