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Are you a Credible Doctor?

In today’s episode, Dr. Day works out! He discusses what steps you can take now to become a more credible doctor. How modeling a healthy lifestyle for patients can increase your credibility as a health care provider and grow your practice!


Show Notes

Chiropractors should walk the talk, practice what we preach, because actions speak louder than words.
Lead by example. Take care of yourself like you would like to see your patients care for themselves.
Healthy lifestyle. Eat well, work out, get sleep, and have a healthy attitude.
How are you qualified to direct another person’s care if you aren’t able to care for yourself?
Patients are more likely to follow your recommendations if you take care of yourself outside of work.
Referrals come from patients that reach optimal health and are excited by the changes they make when following your direction.
There will be a domino effect-you’re healthy, your patients want to be healthy like you, they’ll make changes in their lives, they’ll get better and be happier, and they’ll tell everyone they know about the doctor that helped them change their life.
You should be a model for your patients
Personal branding-taking care of yourself and consistently being a healthy doctor your patients can count on.

-Do what you can, when you can. If you can’t make time for the gym, then go for a walk or run at home or work.
-Make time for yourself, for your workouts and for eating properly.
-Have a workout partner. Someone who will hold you accountable and keep you company.

Workout Places
Lifetime Fitness
Prairie Life Fitness
24 Hour Fitness
Planet Fitness

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