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Dr. Bob Hoffman – Founder of The Masters Circle

Dr. Day interviews Dr. Bob Hoffman, founder of the Masters Circle practice management group who shares his experience and insights into what can take your practice to the next level!

Dr. Bob  Hoffman is a best-selling author, healer, speaker, entrepreneur and visionary leader and President and CEO of The Masters Circle.

Along with Dr. Jason A. Deitch, he is coauthor of the best seller, Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich, and has written and performed dozens of books, CDs and videos, all geared to provide cutting edge material to healing professionals on practice growth, practice management, and the philosophy of success.


Show Notes

  • More chiropractors should write books to get the message out to the public.
  • “Subluxationist” story may be holding us back as a profession.
  • Those that have the best practices are the best communicators.
  • BJ palmer evolved the profession every year, and we need to continue enhancing it.
  • Communication isn’t what we say, it’s what the patient understands.
  • Masters Circle: customizes coaching to the doctor uniquely.
  • Personality, work ethic, skills, philosophy, all influence success.
  • When we adapt to the environment, we succeed. When we fail to adapt, we get in a state of “dis-ease.” This is true to the human body and practicing chiropractic.
  • Neurological disease epidemic is taking over society because of today’s stressful environment.
  • Where in your body do you currently carry your stress? – This is a great history question because it gets the patient to acknowledge their stress and how it is effecting their body.
  • Physical, chemical, emotional stress
  • Sympathetic survival, Parasympathetic healing.
  • “Practice growth is always preceded by personal growth.”
  • Focus on what matters most in improving yourself.
  • Most doctors know what they don’t want, but they don’t know what they DO want.
  • “Happiness factor” – means the practice is growing.
  • Have clear goals for your practice.
  • Be coachable – coaches can push you further than you would have pushed yourself.
  • “Default to your weakness or step up to your greatness.”
  • We learn to better ourselves in adverse events.
  • Book suggestions
  • “The more you know, the faster you grow”
  • “Ultra-successful people are uncommonly skilled at execution.
  • Winning habits – be as healthy as possible, have love around you, social network, practicing what you preach, feeling inspired.
  • “Minimalist that wants maximal results.”
  • 800-451-4541
  • Next Masters Circle conference: Orlando Sept 22-24

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