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Dr. Bret Heiser – New Doc Tips

Dr. Day interviews Dr. Bret Heiser, a 2015 graduate, who shares his insights and lessons learned from being a chiropractic associate in Colorado.


Show Notes

  • Making the choice to be an associate – not much business knowledge from school.
  • Summer is prime time for marketing events.
  • Social media, health fairs, but no mailers for marketing.
  • Most valuable lesson: Don’t, in any circumstance, scare your patient.
  • Chiropractic becoming more service-based.
  • Salary with bonus schedule based on total patient numbers keeps both doctors accountable.
  • Don’t be afraid to prove you are valuable and negotiate salary.
  • Tell your employer how you can add value to the practice (pediatrics, social media, etc.)
  • Patient and business communication is very important.
  • Focus on successful business models and less on technique.

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