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Dr. Tabor Smith began his career in one of the largest chiropractic offices in the state of Texas where he was in charge of spinal screenings, and learned all the marketing strategies it takes to build a 1400 visit per week practice. Throughout his career, he has performed hundreds of spinal screenings and meticulously refined and perfected his techniques.  He now coaches chiropractors all over the world on how to share their unique message of health, and bring in a flood of new patients using his simple methods.

Show Notes

  • How to Get Healthy and Feel Great 30 Days at a Time –  eBook by Tabor Smith.
  • “Today’s marketing is education.”
  • Worked with Dr. Chris Zaino: more info can be found at and
  • How to Do Spinal Screenings Right:
    • Find big venues
    • Check spines: thermography, surface EMG, Posture Screen Mobile app, projection screen
    • Stay 15-20 mile radius
    • Increase number of people you meet, increase conversions
    • Practice your scripting and your systems
  • Take your belief system and put it in a book, use it in everything in your life.
  • At Home Spinal Care by Tabor Smith
    • Created a cartoon DVD to play in his practice.
  • He pays his employees by the results they produce.
  • Advice for the new doc: Hustle! Bootstrap mentality!
  • Advice for the established doc: Go to seminars/webinars! Get fired up!
  • Tabor shares a personal story about his children, the challenges of medical problems, and innate intelligence.
  • Success = family, love, having something to be passionate about. Tony Robbins: “It’s the fulfillment that matters.”
  • Your ritual has to be custom to you, something that helps you perform better. Send emails, have coffee, get to the office early, exercise.
  • “Manufacture success,” Eben Pagan
  • Favorite book: Think or Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
  • Best business advice: Bootstrap start, provide a great service.
  • Contact: Facebook “Tabor Smith”, Get on email list at: and


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