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If you struggle with patients not completing their care plans with you 💯, then you may not be communicating with them effectively. Effective Patient Communication   is something we are constantly dialing in at our practice, which has resulted in having an AWESOME care plan completion rate.🏆 Also, most of our patients choose to stay on a maintenance program once they are through with their care plan, and those who choose not to, eventually return with same/differing issues down the road.


This is one of the 🔑 to building a solid practice with a patient base that grows exponentially over time.

Common Patient Communication Pitfalls:

*Communicating over the patient’s head – using 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ lingo
*Being distracted during the exam/treatment
*Failing to build rapport
*Talking too much
*Not listening to their chief complaint🙉
*Not being clear on the ability to treat the problem
*Vague instruction/expectation of care plan follow-through
*Unclear billing
*Low confidence
*Not connecting the dots of their pain/issue with the care plan
*Taking too much time
*Not answering all of their questions
*Poor staff attitude/communication😒

Walk yourself through your office’s “patient experience” and think about how you can change it by being more effective patient communicationintentional with your words and actions, and by giving better customer service. Make sure you keep track of the changes you make and see how they change your KPIs over time. This process will dial in your patient communication systems and help grow your tribe over time!

Lifestyle Practice Builders

If, after reading this blog, you still have more questions about effective patient communication than answers, then you should reach out to us for help. We developed Lifestyle Practice Builders for Chiropractors who want to connect with their patients and build relationships that last a “lifetime.” By lifetime, we mean that every time that patient has a Chiropractic issue, they are coming to see you, and anytime one of their friends, neighbors, family members, or coworkers needs a Chiropractor, they are preaching your name! Every new patient is an opportunity to grow your practice exponentially. Let us help you make it happen!

The first step is to fill-out the form below, then we’ll send you a questionnaire to answer. Once you are done with the questionnaire, one of us will hop on a phone call with you to figure out if Lifestyle Practice Builders is the right fit for you. Enter your name below👇