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Eric Plasker, DC is a 1985 graduate of Life Chiropractic College. He built and ran two highly successful chiropractic family practices in Atlanta. After building up his 2nd office to over 100 visits a day within 9 months, he began sharing his experience with other chiropractors worldwide through the Chiropractic Mothers Morning Out and Human Potential Program which generated huge numbers of pediatric and family wellness patients for chiropractors. He is an author and highly sought after public speaker.

In 2000 Dr. Plasker started The Family Practice, which has helped thousands of chiropractors grow their practices by millions of patients and nearly half a billion dollars in collections with high integrity lifetime chiropractic care, patient education, marketing, business systems and procedures.

Show Notes

  • The Family Practice
  • Lesson learned: you don’t have to do everything yourself ? you need a team that are driven by the mission.
  • Self-centered profession, and need to be patient-centered.
  • We are like a hodge-podge patchwork, which is confusing to the public.
  • We are not aware of some things going on in the world (Crap box).
  • Have streamline congruency with everything in your practice.
  • Stand out in the crowd with a focused message.
  • “Give an umbrella vision of lifetime care.” Crisis care vs. lifetime care.
  • “We position ourselves for rejection.”
  • Chiropractic is Underutilized.
  • 100-Year Lifestyle
  • Improving speaking skills- must SPEAK your way to improving.
  • “Speaking is 7% what you say and 93% what you don’t say.”
  • Content, delivery, and results.
  • “What if Albert Einstein was on Ritalin”
  • Communicating chiropractic “while we’re sleeping” through the written word.
  • Contact: Call: 866-532-3327

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