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Ethical Business Practices for the Chiropractor

In this episode, Dr. Day shares with us his best ethical business practices. It frustrates him when other Chiropractors do things that bring us all down. He hears about it from his patients who have had bad experiences elsewhere, he sees it in reviews he’s read online, and he’s ready for all of us to hold ourselves to a higher standard. He wants to let you in on the secret because he doesn’t want you to be “that doctor” that patients are complaining about. Listen now!

Show Notes

-Assess your patients’ experiences with Chiropractic prior to coming into your practice.
-Never require long-term contracts, and hefty payments upfront.
-Don’t withhold your report of findings.
-Avoid using scare tactics.
-Treat people right to get referrals.
-Laydowns, referrals, are easy sales because someone they know, like, and trust you.
-The doctor-patient relationship is crucial.
-Referrals are cheap marketing.
-If it’s not a good “fit,” then refer the patient to another practice or different type of doctor.
-Educate the patient and let it be the patient’s choice whether they seek care.
“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” -Mae West

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