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Haley Day Podcast Interview

Today I was interviewed on another podcast, The Freedom Choice Podcast, with my good friend Madison Manathunga. Madison and I met almost 3 years ago as part of a business mastermind and instantly hit it off. She’s easy to talk to, smart about business, and curious about life. The podcast is only a little bit about Chiropractic. It goes more into the family aspect of building a business and how to prioritize everyday life. I hope you take a listen and enjoy!

Podcast Episode 48 – Freedom Choice Podcast

Intentionally on my own path: Finding a teammate, parenting, and business. Here are some key points we discuss in the episode:

  • How to foster entrepreneurship and creativity in kids.
  • Balance cost consciousness in your kids but not a scarcity mindset.
  • Find a teammate in a partner.
  • Live intentionally on your own path.

Link to show website