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What’s your Chiropractic Marketing Strategy?

This picture came up on my Facebook feed today. It’s our Associate in Colorado, donating a check for almost $2000 to the local high school last year. It felt so good for Rich & I to finally be able contribute in a big way! Getting to this point took building and maintaining solid relationships over time and providing exceptional, consistent care, which were the pillars of our Chiropractic marketing strategy from the get-go.

If you’re struggling in practice or just starting out and you want to improve your marketing strategy, then pick a few organizations, and put your focus and time into them. Build solid relationships with the others in those groups, show up consistently to volunteer your time and expertise, and stop spreading yourself too thin across too many organizations and places. Improving your Chiropractic Marketing strategy this way will allow you to develop your relationships in the places you’re most comfortable while increasing your sphere of influence in the community.

—Being at 1 event, giving 110% effort is so much better than being at 3 events and only giving 50% of your attention to each—

—Talking to 5 people at an event with 110% attention is better than waving hi to 50 people at the same event—

For us, we really connected with our local chamber, the people at the high school, and with the people who worked for the town. So, we attended most of the Chamber events-ribbon cuttings, after hours, annual awards, annual Christmas party, and auction, and Haley was on the Chamber Board of Directors for two years. We also had booths at all of the high school events we were able to attend, and we were gold level sponsors of the football team and Athletic department.

Take time this week and think about where you need and want to put your focus. Answer these questions to help you figure out what those might be:

What organization do I enjoy being a part of?
What people do I enjoy working with?
What groups of people are already coming in and how can I get to know more people in that organization?
What events do I enjoy?
What events do I not like?
What events would I rather enjoy while wearing a business tee and networking?
What patients could I ask for a referral from?
What patients could I ask for a review from?

Once you have an idea of where you’d like to put your focus, reach out to those organizations and ask how you can help them more. Then show up! Follow through on your commitments to them, and show up in a BIG way. You will get more out of being there than just patients. You will make friends, community partners, and a difference in your community, which will have a great impact on your Chiropractic marketing strategy!

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