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Guest Jennifer Gomm, Chiropractic Billing Specialist

Jennifer Gomm has been in the medical billing industry for over twenty  years. She received her medical billing and coding Certification from Clark University.  She was the owner of Gomm Medical Billing, which began as a multispecialty billing company. Ten years ago, she started Gomm Chiropractic Billing Inc. to focus solely on Chiropractic billing and collections because she believes in their philosophy and holistic approach to healing. Her belief and passion for Chiropractic care is an asset to her everyday responsibilities when fighting for the maximum reimbursement from insurance companies.

She is highly skilled in the area of Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation billing as well. Jennifer has taught Chiropractic billing and coding courses in the Boston area for the last six years. Jennifer’s love of business and entrepreneurship has also allowed her to mentor new and existing Chiropractic offices.


Interview with Dr. Haley Day, D.C.

Brief introduction for our listeners on how Jennifer Gomm and Haley met. Je

Jennifer describes the process of starting outside billing in your office.

  • What should someone expect to pay for an outside biller?

  • What are the benefits to having it done by an outside biller?

  • What are some other services outside billers offer?

  • Can outside billers work with most EHR systems? How do outside billers bill?

  • Can outside billers work anywhere in the country or is it best to find a local outside biller that’s more familiar with your region?

  • Does Jennifer have an opinion of EHRs from having to work in them? Best? Most difficult?

  • I’m a big proponent that if you are having help or hiring to have something done outside of the office, such as billing, that you: know at least a little bit about the process and systems first, and you are consistently double checking the efforts, and not just assuming it’s being done right. How does Jennifer recommend someone audit/check on the efficacy of their biller? Reports? KPIs?

  • What are some of the biggest issues Jennifer sees when she takes over an account from another biller, or from the Chiropractor themselves?

  • What are some common traits of successful Chiropractors?

  • What are some common traits of those who are struggling?

  • What are some things doctors can do to avoid leaving “money on the table?”

  • I have had to train office managers in our office on how to call insurance companies to figure out issues with reimbursement and have found it to be a really hard skill to teach. It’s the right mixture of being aggressive, knowledgeable, and nice – there’s kind of a science to doing it well. Has Jennifer found the same thing when hiring people in her office to help with reimbursement?

  • What tips does Jennifer have for someone that is looking to hire for this position in-house?

  • How long has Jennifer had her business? What is one challenge, as a small business owner, she has had to overcome? What were the lessons learned?

  • Daily rituals, habits, affirmations that Jennifer does each day for success?

  • Jennifer’s book recommendation? E-Myth Chiropractor, by Michael Gerber

  • Best business advice she’s ever received?

  • How to contact Jennifer?


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