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Why Chiropractic Business Coaching?

This year, Rich and I decided to create something new – Lifestyle Practice Builders Chiropractic business coaching. Why? Because everyday we all go to work to do two things, but only one of them is actually something we learned and implemented while in school – being a Chiropractor. What’s the other thing? The one that all of those years in school could have never prepared us for? Being in business for ourselves!


  • opening a practice from scratch
  • running a practice for almost ten years
  • having an all cash practice
  • taking insurance and medicare
  • shopping for a practice
  • buying a practice
  • selling a practice
  • employing Chiropractic Associates, massage therapists, and Chiropractic Assistants
  • having (true) Independent Contractors

Rich & I realized that we have learned a lot! So, Lifestyle Practice Builders is the type of Chiropractic business coaching company we wish we could have found when we were first starting out. We could have used a Chiropractic business consultant to help us clarify our vision, help us develop a plan, save us money, time, and heartache, shorten our learning curve, help us be profitable our first few months, and give us the systems needed to get started in the right direction.

We never found one that fit US and our values for life and practice.

There are other companies out there that we could have hired, but we didn’t trust them. We didn’t want to use scripts, give everyone the same 24, 48, or 90 visit treatment plan, or use sleazy sales tactics to scare patients into large treatment packages. We were also keeping our overhead low. One of our primary objectives while building our practice was to keep our monthly expenses to a minimum, which meant that we didn’t want to pay a coaching company ten thousand dollars a year for their sleazy scripts, canned messages, or questionable treatment protocols and techniques.

What is Lifestyle Practice Builders?chiropractic Consultant

Right now we are offering 1:1 coaching at an unbelievably fair price. This includes phone/video calls, texting, emails, google documents we create, Canva fliers we’ve created, checklists, etc. all to help you navigate opening a practice that is right for you. Rich & I will work closely with you as you transition from student or Associate to business owner, making necessary decisions to open and run a profitable practice. We will also work with you if you recently opened, feel lost or have feelings about not being where you want to be in practice, and need a Chiropractic business consultant to evaluate your practice overhead, systems, and approach. We have been in your shoes and we genuinely want to help.

Lifestyle Practice Builders Phone Consult

This all starts with a free consult. You will fill out our online intake and have a phone call with one of us to go over your answers. This process ensures we’re a good fit for one another. It will also be incredibly beneficial to you and give you a foundation to work from!