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Lisa Engle

Improve Connections with Moms to Grow Your Practice!

Dr. Day talks with Lisa Engle about the role of mothers as “directors of healthcare” for their families, why this is important, and how chiropractors can make better connections with moms.

Lisa Engle is the founder and owner of OptiMOM Coaching. Her mission is to inspire, express, support, empower, equip, reflect, and facilitate the optimal expression of healthy and authentic mothering potential. In addition to coaching individuals, she works with healthcare providers, churches and other organizations to help them become experts in their field. She demonstrates how to teach patients to align their healthcare choices to their values and beliefs. Patients should choose health for THEIR reasons and not others. She has recently been featured on the Circle of Docs website and in Chiropractic Economics magazine. She has been a new mom, young mom, old mom, a stay at home mom, a working mom, and more. Needless to say, she understands the way moms think. She can help you, as a healthcare professional, to better understand and relate to your patients, who are also moms.


Show Notes

  • OptiMom coaching is: “A bridge between the chiropractor and the family at home”
  • Normalizing the chiropractic language and lifestyle, helping moms prioritize health needs.
  • Wellcoaches Coaching School
  • Taking integrity of a mom’s life and finding out what she wants to improve on, what her priorities are.
  • Her actionable advice: Get adjusted as a chiropractor! Do less telling and more asking and listening.
  • She is expanding number of coaches in OptiMom! Webinars and workbooks!
  • Private sessions are by phone, group sessions by Skype/webinars or in person.
  • She’s seen an influx of people looking for a drug-free life.
  • “Me too” is a powerful statement to a mom because it shows empathy.
  • Her biggest biggest challenge: being a mother.
  • Success = Treating people with love and serving their purpose.
  • Daily habits: Pause with gratitude at the beginning and end of the day.
  • Passion Planner, Rhythm Register
  • Best advice: Continue to function from your passion, know your “why”
  • Serve people better by connecting with them better!

Lisa’s recommended reading list

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy
Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Daring Greatly – Brene Brown
Rising Strong – Brene Brown

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