Dawn Elle: Make Better Connections with Patients

Dawn Elle – is at heart, a truth seeker. She strived for years to figure out what makes “us” all tick and is confident that connection is everything. Connection to our higher power, to those around us, and to our planet is what grounds us. She feels that when we get off course with our connections, we lose our way. Dawn graduated from an advanced Intuitive Program from Intuitive Insights in San Diego, CA. She’s a practitioner in Reiki and Matrix Energetics, a certified Oneness blessing giver (Deeksha), and an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and a certified Holistic Health Coach. She also holds a business degree from San Diego State University and worked in the the corporate world as a salesperson for 15 years.

Show Notes

  • Dawn explains her life before being an entrepreneur.
  • Intuitive healing- reading energies, giving guidance to people where they need it.
  • Seeing colors connected to chakra, through pictures and symbols, songs.
  • “Co-creators” of our reality with our higher power.
  • Meditation, exercise, nature all can connect us to ourselves.
  • Set parameters for ourselves to keep us connected.
  • Coaching for women- one-on-one and online, building intuition.
  • “We all can either be spectators, participants, or co-creators in our lives.”
  • Listen to your own wisdom instead of looking to outside sources.
  • Dawn’s typical client: women in 30’s – 60’s, established career, ready for change.
  • Success stories with clients improving health, relationships, and careers.
  • Self-limiting thoughts
  • “Pain is the body’s way of intuitively speaking to us.”
  • Launching in October: online course about intuition in business- geared towards practitioners.
  • Speaking at Master’s Circle: “Healing by Accessing Your Intuition”
    • Energy, vibration, pain.
    • Extra information, another way of sensing
  • Actionable advice: Take time to reconnect to yourself. Pay attention to cues during the day and make connections with people.
  • Learning from failure: Dawn had anxiety, pain, and wasn’t happy in her life. After reconnecting with herself, getting new profession, out of relationship, and holistic lifestyle, she had a breakthrough.
  • Success = Tony Robbins
  • Daily habits: Set intentions for the day, Ask questions, Exercise, Clean eating, Feed the soul.
  • Book: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  • Best business advice: “Don’t stay in your comfort zone.”

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