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Interview with Michelle Robin, D.C.

On the second episode of Chiro Business Mojo, Dr. Day interviewed seasoned Chiropractor, Dr. Michelle Robin. Dr. Robin has been building her dream practice in the heart of Johnson County, Kansas since she graduated almost 25 years ago. By making daily birthday calls, patient follow-up calls, and building community connections, she’s been able to build a strong practice that keeps her on her toes. Dr. Haley Day worked for several years with Dr. Robin, while attending Chiropractic school. During her time at Your Wellness Connection, Dr. Haley attended many seminars with Dr. Robin, including the Dr. James Chestnut, Wellness Certification program, and seminars for The Masters Circle.

If you are struggling in practice, or wondering where to start in building your practice, then Dr. Robin would recommend you, “Get your head space right, stay present, and stay focused.” Over time and through the connections you make, you will create a community of health that’s authentically in sync with your mission of health. Dr. Robin also recommends continued self-development, which includes tapping into your own gifts and being true to yourself. One way Dr. Robin stays inspired is by reading Joel Osteen’s book I Declare, on a daily basis.

Want to 10x your practice? Take a moment and answer these 5 questions…

How can you make your patients feel more important?
Who are the people you’ve surrounding yourself with? Are they lifting you up, or bringing you down?
How can you right size your life, and keep things simple and consistent?
What are some steps you can take to get your head space right?
What steps could you take tomorrow to reach out to your community? Show-up and be active in the long-term!