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Dr. Derrick Dube: New Doc Tips

Today we have guest doctor Derrick Dube. Dr. Dube is a new doc who recently graduated from Cleveland University. He works hard at growing his new practice and shares with Dr. Day what marketing strategies he implements to find new patients. They also discuss other hot topics for Chiropractors entering the field.


Show Notes

Being an Independent Contractor allows Dr. Dube to start-up with low overhead.It also allows him to work alongside established docs in the field.
Some of his marketing strategies have been to set up at a swap-n-shop, volunteering services, building a website, having a Facebook page, and building relationships face-to-face.
Getting in-network with insurance has been a struggle for Dr. Dube. Many networks in heavily populated areas are full and will not accept new docs under their plans.

LLC vs. S Corp

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