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10 Low and No Cost Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Practice!

Dr. Day shares 10 low and no cost marketing hacks he uses in his offices to grow his patient base! One size doesn’t fit all for marketing your practice.


Show Notes

Join a business networking group, such as Business Networking International.
Start a networking group or look for other networking groups on  if there are already Chiropractors in the BNI groups in your area.
Look for social groups that meet regularly and may enjoy having you as a speaker at one of their meetings. Rotary, Kiwanis Club, etc. Give educational talks based on current popular health topics in the news. Have a roll in the social group.
Join Toastmasters to get to know other business professionals, while learning how to express yourself through speech in front of an audience at the same time.
Offer sports physicals in your office and let the schools know you do them. Donate some or all of the money back to the school.
Setup a booth at local sporting events.
Collect donations at your office.
Join the Chamber of Commerce that fits you and regularly attend events. Also, support the other businesses in the Chamber.
Get to know hairdressers, eye doctors, and dentists in your area. Make a basket of “goodies” and deliver to their offices to get to know them better.

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