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Podcast for Chiropractors – Business, Marketing, & Patient Systems

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podcast for Chiropractors

Today we re-launched the Chiro Business Mojo Chiropractic Podcast. The podcast for Chiropractors originally launched in July of 2016, the same day our third daughter was born. Since then, we’ve produced over 100 episodes and had almost 40,000 unique listens! Holy what?! Mid-2017 we paused creating new episodes to focus on our kids and moving to a new home. Both of us moved a lot as kids and have always wanted to find a home for our girls that they could grow-up in, and we found it! So, between moving, having 3 babies under 4 years old, producing the ChiroPlanner, Rich working as Director of Clinical Operations at Cleveland University and treating in our practice, and Haley managing the 2 practices – we were fully loaded and something had to give – it was the podcast. Since then we’ve gotten settled in our home, sold our Colorado practice, and had one of our girls start Kindergarten. It only makes sense to get this podcast going again, right?!

If you’re new to our podcast then you can learn more about us HERE!

What’s new with us?chiroplanner

Some other new things we have going on – Rich is now Director of Clinical Operations and teaching the 3 business courses at Cleveland University in Kansas City. He’s totally revamping the program so that students are better prepared to start into practice. Haley has been speaking to groups at Cleveland University, mentoring students, new grads, and practicing doctors, as well as starting a coaching program, Lifestyle Practice Builders. With this new venture we’ve been assisting new grads and Chiros in their first few years as they set up systems, navigate insurance, billing, marketing and communicating with patients. We’re also on our third printing of the ChiroPlanner and are working on the next edition, as well as, adding an online component for those who have already purchased and for future purchasers of the ChiroPlanner.

What’s new with the podcast?

We are planning to be more intentional with the topics and guests. Since the original podcast we’ve learned a bit more about ourselves and Lifestyle Practiceour why. We want to make sure that we’re interviewing guests that will add value to our audience and provide actionable content for growing a successful practice. When we started our practice 10 years ago, we were an evidence based, family practice, community driven, relationship based, low overhead. What we’ve coined as being a lifestyle practice. Our podcast guests and topics will reflect those goals. We also want to talk to more practicing chiropractors that are thriving in practice. If you are one or know of one that would like to share their stories, struggles, and successes then please let us know. We want to hear from you!

We’re also planning to answer all of the questions we’ve gotten. If you have more, send those to us too. We’ll have more people/businesses that serve chiropractors to make your offices more efficient and more effective. We’re also planning to produce more resources for you. You can find 3 on our homepage.

      1. Student Loans Tips/Hacks
      2. Common mistakes to aviod when you’re new in practice
      3. Core tenants of a lifestyle practice – low overhead, efficient systems, referral built

What’s staying the same?

We’ll still focus on helping new and experienced docs with the business side of practice. We believe that every Chiropractor should be able to succeed in practice, be able to payback their student loans, and live a fulfilling life enjoying their family, friends, and hobbies. We still want to interview non-DCs, small business entrepreneurs in order to get insights on universal business and marketing strategy. We’ll still share our stories of how we overcame the confusion and overwhelm of starting and building a practice, so that you can:

  • Have more confidence
  • Implement better systems
  • Communicate better
  • Serve more
  • And, make more money doing it!

We’ve recorded or scheduled to record podcasts with the American Chiropractic Association(ACA); Dr. Kevin Christie, D.C., CSCS; billing specialist, Jennifer Gomm; Kathy Mills Chang; Hipaamate, and more!

What can you do?

Please LISTEN, SHARE, INTERACT, IMPLEMENT, & SUCCEED so you can provide for your family and community!