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Are Poor Communication Skills Killing Your Business?

In this episode, Dr. Day talks about why communication skills matter and what you can do to make yours better.


Show Notes

  • Patients are more compliant if we can effectively communicate.
  • Speaking too long.
  • Using too many “doctor words”
  • Just give good info, don’t focus so much on educating patients.
  • Frameworks work better than scripts – Bullet points of ideas you want to communicate with key phrases.
  • Take into account psychology of people.
    • Short attention spans
    • Stuck in habits
    • Self-focused
    • Want to feel important
  • Focus on patient needs
  • Adjust to their personality, mirror them to make them feel comfortable.
  • Take a personal interest in your patients.
  • Try to build rapport. Eye contact, use their name, sit on same level, be fully engaged.
  • Be as credible as possible, don’t try to heal every problem.
  • Pair home exercises with habits they already do.

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