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Dr. Eric Plasker: Creating a Purpose Driven Practice

Eric Plasker, DC is a 1985 graduate of Life Chiropractic College. He built and ran two highly successful chiropractic family practices in Atlanta. After building up his 2nd office to over 100 visits a day within 9 months, he began sharing his experience with other chiropractors worldwide through the Chiropractic Mothers Morning Out and Human Potential Program which generated huge numbers of pediatric and family wellness patients for chiropractors. He is an author and highly sought after public speaker.

In 2000 Dr. Plasker started The Family Practice, which has helped thousands of chiropractors grow their purpose driven practices by millions of patients and nearly half a billion dollars in collections with high integrity lifetime chiropractic care, patient education, marketing, business systems and procedures.

Show Notes

Stress in School, Cross-fit, Autism: all topics that are applicable to people.

New doc: Get a system and implement it. Delegate. Focus on being a doctor.

  • Advice for current docs: you are stuck because you need to recommit. Take a look at your packaging.
  • Challenges of Dr. Plasker: son’s accident and how the “experts” were wrong.
  • Trust the chiropractic vision. Stick it out and stay true!
  • Success = The vision of lifetime chiropractic for everyone.
  • His Daily rituals: Being driven by purpose, waking up early and making coffee, classical music, walking, starting the day with what matters most.
  • Favorite book: Good to Great by Jim Collins (series), 100-Year Lifestyle
  • Best business advice: “Get over it”; “Successful people never suck their thumb” ? Warren Buffet; “We work very very very hard to make things very very very simple” ? Steve Jobs; “Keep your focus.”
  • Chiropractors leading healthcare in the world in the future.
  • Contact: Call: 866-532-3327

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