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What makes a Rich Life?

In today’s episode find out what makes a rich life. Dr. Day looks at two recent studies on the correlation between money and happiness.


Show Notes

  • Forbes studies showed no connection between money and happiness.
  • Happy vs. Well-Being
  • Studies show experiences give more happiness than buying things.
  • Anticipation
  • More stuff we have causes us to appreciate what we have LESS.
  • At a certain amount of money, our happiness plateaus.
  • Good relationships give us happiness – cherish them and contribute to them.
  • Alcoholism may be the root of all evil.
  • Listen to people.
  • Do more of what you are good at and less of what you aren’t.
  • Have a good balance between work and life.
  • Take care of health and finances.
  • As a leader, pay attention to your team members’ happiness.
  • Happiness is a habit.

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