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Roberto Monaco is the co-founder of InfluenceOlogy, LLCHe has been a full-time speaker, coach and trainer since 2002, and has conducted more than 4,000 presentations in America and over 100 presentations in Brazil.

He worked for the Anthony Robbins Companies for 6 years and in 2004, 2005, 2006 and in 2007 he was the top producer and revenue generator in the country. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Roberto also coached and trained all the other Peak Performance Strategists at The Anthony Robbins Companies.

He has served chiropractors for the last four years, showing them how to convert more clients at Dr Report’s, ROF, “dinner with doc” talks and health lectures.  He has quickly become the “go-to” speaking coach for the top Chiropractic Advocates in the industry.

Roberto Monaco is originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and he conducts workshops and trainings in two languages: English and Portuguese.
Roberto lives in San Diego CA with his beautiful wife, Katie.r

Show Notes

  • Roberto’s personal story about chiropractic helped to drive his focus in his public speaking and coaching career.
  • Chiropractors are not advocating the chiropractic message= #1 Communication mistake!
  • Communication also has a science, philosophy, and art!
  • Realize you are not alone in having a fear of public speaking.
  • Moving the audience from point A to point B is the main objective of speaking.
  • Put the spotlight on the audience and anxiety will go away.
  • Speaking is not about a perfect performance.
  • Audiences now-a-days require you to engage them while speaking.
  • “He/she who sets the frame wins the game.” Set up the need for participation before your talk.
  • Body Language – “certainty does not sway”
  • “Storytelling is the tool of influence” ? Stories cannot be counteracted.
  • Your personal story WHY you are speaking.
  • Swiss Army Knife story –  to illustrate any point.
  • Patient stories
  • Presenter, presentation, performance
  • Most chiropractors are uncomfortable with the close of their speeches. Rehearse the close at least 7 times
  • The close for a 30 minute talk will be about 7 mins if closing for: Appointments, referrals, speaking gigs.
  • Key points for a close:
  • Talk about the offer- build up value by naming the offer, list everything in the offer, use benefit language.
  • Three F’s: Freedom of choice, Future regret, Future pacing
  • Use a contrast question instead of offering discounts.
  • Law of Diminishing Intention.
  • Emotional closing story
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