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ROF Mistakes Costing You Money?

ROF mistakes could be costing you repeat visits and referrals if you aren’t answering the questions your patients have.


Show Notes

  • Many approaches to ROF: Management groups, personal ideas, etc.
  • Answer patients’ 4 questions on day one: What’s wrong with me? Can you help me? How long will it take? What will it cost?
  • Don’t talk about “philosophy” on day one- focus on pain.
  • Lay out the care plan. Talk about good days and bad days. Discuss re-exams, how progress is tracked.
  • 3 things will happen: Patient gets better, worse, or stays same.
  • Build trust by telling patients what will happen during their care plan. This leads to referrals!
  • Educate patient about chiropractic a little bit each visit.

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