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Shane Purnell – Becoming a Platform Giant!

Shane Purnell is an IT Professional, podcaster, wordpress user, and public speaker. He’s spent the last 18 years studying how to help others connect their message to the world through New Media. He has multiple blogs on technology, personal development and platform building. Most notably he hosts The Platform Giant podcast, which allows him to help entrepreneurs build their brand through personal speaking, leadership, platform building and more.

Show Notes

  • Shane’s has a degree in Communications and computer IT
  • Michael Hyatt wrote Platform
  • Computers have made communicating easier
  • Public speaking is an important skill that everyone should have.
  • Personal branding, online reputation, domain name
  • Common traits of successful people: they invest in themselves and are generous with their knowledge.
  • A great leader is willing to come in last. Focused on getting the team the glory.
  • Success = Bob Burg, wrote The Go Giver
  • Learn from failures and learn to appreciate your impact on other people.
  • “Life gives pass/fail tests. You’ll keep getting the same lesson until you pass.”
  • Favorite Book: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins, Louder than Words By Todd Henry
  • Best business advice: “You gotta make hay when the sun shines.”
  • Exciting things: Opportunities to connect with people through the podcast and learn from them!

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