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Dr. Shawn Dill – Book Your Chiropractic Practice Solid

Dr. Shawn Dill is a 1995 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. For eight years Dr. Dill practiced in the country of Costa Rica, where along with establishing what many consider to be the largest upper cervical practice in the world, he also authored the law that regulates the practice of chiropractic in the country.

Since returning to the United States, Dr. Dill has become a noted authority in Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic. He is the CEO of The Specific Chiropractic Centers, which now operates eight Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific clinics, and also offers consulting services to entrepreneurs and health care professionals.

Dr. Dill has completed his certification with Michael Port, author of the best-selling book, Book Yourself Solid, and as a Certified Book Yourself Solid Coach, offers his consulting services and workshops to empower vitalistic-minded healthcare professionals to get booked solid!

Dr. Dill is also a past member of the faculty at Life Chiropractic College West, having served as the Director of the Institute for Advanced Care in Chiropractic. In addition, he has also served as the Chair of the Council on Upper Cervical Care of the International Chiropractors Association. He is also a member of the faculty at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaching their Business Practices & Marketing class.

He continues to be highly sought as a speaker, making numerous international appearances each year. Dr. Dill has been featured on international radio and television programs. Dr. Dill’s impassioned messages of health, ethics and integrity-based practices motivate doctors and lay-people from around the world.

Show Notes

  • Dr. Shawn Dill was inspired by his cousin’s success as a chiropractor.
  • Lesson learned – if moving to a foreign country, learn the language!
  • Started upper cervical clinic in U.S., then taught his technique through licensing model, then moved into franchising model.
  • “The standard is the standard.” – The importance of systems!
  • If you have strong systems, you can bring other people into the systems.
  • Acquiring new patients: Marketing and Sales systems
  • Marketing creates awareness of who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Sales is when people commit time and finances.
  • Have a strong website that is a lead generator – ¬†begin the conversation!
  • No barrier to entry offer, community based mindset.
  • Event-based marketing
  • Referral opportunities
  • Pendulum by Roy Williams
  • Community networking – collecting email addresses, operate off of your contacts/network, create relationships by reaching out and sharing information.
  • Understand that you should only serve the people you were meant to serve. Your target market.
  • Find people that already resonate with your purpose, and only treat them.
  • Personality types make certain people more successful than others.
  • Successful people have the ability to influence others. They are not followers.
  • Find where you best fit in (business owner, associate, etc) and that is where you will be most successful.
  • “Marketing to the 90” – a talk by Dr. Shawn Dill. We are recycling the same 10% of patients instead of getting new patients.
  • People like to get “checked” but they do not understand why they always have subluxations. We are giving mixed messages. We need to convey the message that it is important to get your nervous system regularly checked.
  • You HAVE to be willing to take risks! You have to be willing to taste failure to have success.
  • Be in good relationship with your money. Be successful so you can help others. Being happy, being healthy. Biggest commodities: time and money.
  • Heroes: Rosa Parks, parents, People who stand up for what they believe in.
  • Rituals: Passion Planner, check emails, check in on financial world.
  • Predictable Success by Les Mckeown
  • “Don’t try to serve everybody”

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