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  • Dr. Alexander Vidan is a well- known speaker and wellness advocate within the St. Louis community. Dr. Vidan has served as one of the team physicians for the St. Louis Cardinals organization since 2009, including during their 2011 World Championship season. Since 2008 he has been a regularly featured consultant on health and wellness topics for Fox 2 News and KPLR Channel 11 News. He serves on the Executive Board of the Mid-County YMCA and is Vice-President of District 1 of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association.
  • He received his Doctorate degree in 2004 from Logan College. His love of teaching others is apparent and Dr. Vidan was the lead technique tutor while at Logan and also received numerous accolades, including the Award of Excellence. After graduation, Dr. Vidan returned to Logan as an adjunct faculty member, while also running a busy and successful private practice.
  • He he is equally at ease in front of an entire city on live television, or presenting to groups of all sizes.

Show Notes

  • History of concussion, experience with the medical field, advice from a friend – all contributed to Dr. Vidan getting “found” by chiropractic.
  • Focus on the adjustment. Meet the patient where they are. Show them what they can have through chiropractic.
  • Marketing: Being on the news every other week; Talks to corporations, church groups, mom groups, etc.
  • Becoming a sports chiropractor: Get your foot in the door somewhere. Be known by everyone so that when the opportunity comes up, your name gets thrown in the mix.
  • Different structurs of being a team doctor: Paid positions, donate time, Pay the team, etc.
  • Team physicians usually do not travel. Typically the home chiropractor takes care of both teams.
  • If you are part of a team, you want all types of doctors involved – be inclusive, not exclusive – make it a joint effort and co-manage.
  • Follow your passion!
  • TMJ: you need to really KNOW how to get results. Dr. Vidan does seminars on his TMJ technique – a lot of hands on teaching.
  • Wellness Champions- getting docs out into their community.
  • The more you give, the more you gain.
  • “Their objections become your objective.” – Dr. Vidan
  • With talks, the shorter the better.
  • We don’t know what we don’t know. Profitable production and being busy are two different things. Stay persistent. Know your WHY.
  • New doc: Who are 5 contacts that you can connect with? Reach out and Follow up. Constantly add value to the conversations. Let go of stuff you don’t really need.
  • Experienced docs: Invest in yourself. Take action!
  • Lesson learned: Self reflection after struggling right away in practice. What do you have to do to up your gameand play at a higher level?
  • Personal heroes: Dad, Wife, Church and God, Brad Glowaki, Pat Gentempo, etc.
  • Any successful person wants to see more people be more successful.
  • Habits: Write down goals, Affirmations, Exercise, Visualizations, Prayer, Time with kids, Time with wife.
  • Book: Influence by Robert Cialdini
  • Best Business Advice: “The absolute best thing about being a business owner, is that you get to work any 80 hours a week you want to.”
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