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Dr. Stuart Hoffman Chirosecure: What You NEED TO KNOW about Chiropractic and STROKE

Dr. Stuart Hoffman Chirosecure is 1981 graduate of Life University who, for the past thirtyfive years,has worked passionately to assist others in their journey toward optimum health both in his private practice and as a teacher and direct consultant in the Chiropractic community. His contributions in the Chiropractic field have been widespread, as he has held numerous positions in both state and national associations, lectured throughout the United States and written articles appearing in many professional journals. Dr. Hoffman has been the recipient of numerous awards  – most recently, the 2015 ICA Chiropractor of the Year award. He is a cofounder of several organizations including,, and ChiroSecure – an insurance company offering chiropractic malpractice coverage and more.


Show Notes

  • ChiroSecure is a relationship driven company.
  • ChiroSecure is an evolving business as chiropractic changes.
  • Chiropractors are being included in group homes.
  • Risky business: documentation lacking for friends, staff, family members.
  • Risk management challenges: sometimes doctors need to call the ambulance.
  • Treat your clinic like your palace and go through the clinic as a patient would to get the experience yourself.
  • Doctor education: lectures, ChiroSecure app, website: com, “Like” them on Facebook at ChiroSecure
  • Supporting research projects, getting research to help chiropractors.
  • 72 simple movements known to cause arterial dissections, not one says chiropractic adjustment.
  • ChiroSecure is changing the way the public views chiropractic through, research on strokes and chiropractic and but utilizing cutting edge technology for risk management.
  • Utilize Informed Consent to educate with fact rather than feeling.
  • Action steps for the new doc: get a coach, own the “why” of what you are doing, and be passionate.
  • Action steps for the doctor who is stuck and wants to change: readapt, reset and get your passion back.
  • The perception of stroke needs to be changed.
  • Chiropractors need to unify the profession in certain areas.
  • Integrated multidisciplinary practices: as long as chiropractor is the gatekeeper, and all other procedures are necessary, then it is a good thing.
  • “Communication skills can always be improved.”
  • “You never know how far reaching something that you do, say, or think today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow” – B.J. Palmer

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