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Photo: Randy Stewart, and Tony Robbins review by Dr. Day

Tony Robbins Review by Dr. Day- I Am Not Your Guru

In this episode, a Tony Robbins review, Dr. Day details his thoughts of the Netflix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru. Dr. Day shares his thoughts about Mr. Robbins as a coach and relates the transformational lessons he teaches to success in practice.

Show Notes

  • Celebrities helped by Tony Robbins: Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Hugh Jackman.
  • Books by Tony Robbins: “Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement” and “Awaken the Giant Within”
  • Tony has spicy, powerful language intended to break through internal chat and dialogue- getting people’s attention.
  • Childhood experiences effect our psychology- “If she were the mother I wanted, I would not be the man I am today.”
  • “Life happens for us, not to us.”
  • “If you are going to blame someone for all your problems, must also give them all the credit”
  • Suicidal people, people with medical problems, people in cults, Tony solves some serious problems.
  • Deep-rooted questions: Whose love did you crave as a child? What did that result in? What is the big question- what do you want to do? What’s keeping you from it? What are your self-limiting beliefs?
  • Affirmations:  “I am… successful, happy. I love others unconditionally and they love me. I help people when they need help and they give me help when I need help. I am rewarded for my hard work. I have an abundance of life, and abundance of love and I am attracting those qualities in my life. I have an abundance of wealth.” Say these instead of negative self-talk.
  • “Head space”- Nobody is holding you back but yourself.
  • When talking to patients: Wellness is a process not an event. Use analogies- golf lessons, dedication, hard work. Rewiring and reprogramming yourself for success.
  • Bringing problems to a real level- Tony does this with his seminars, we need to do this with our patients. Connect on a personal level, in a society with limited personal connections.
  • “Our beliefs and values determine the way we live and most of us are busy surviving, we forget to design a life.”
  • Getting ahead happens in the margin (extra time in your day).
  • “Most of us are unaware of the patterns that control our lives.” Patterns of our thoughts and behaviors- Break the patterns.
  • “We all get what we tolerate.”
  • People have a deeper pain than physical pain. We are trusted by our patients and they ask for our help.

Tony Robbins Website

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