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Dr. Tory Robson – How to Rock your Practice!

Dr. Tory Robson earned his Bachelor Degree from Montana State University, while completing a six-year term in the US Air Force. After being turned on to the power of chiropractic, he attended Northwestern Health Sciences. Dr. Robson has personally designed and owned 5 chiropractic practices, as well as, designed and revamped others for DCs all over the country. Due to demand from the profession, Robson created WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Consulting. WINNERSEDGE teaches his innovative and time tested systems. Every week he consults DC’s from all over the country, in order to help them create practices and personal lives at the highest level in the profession today.

Dr. Robson has authored 31 CD and DVD sets on chiropractic practice success. He’s published 450 videos, taught at multiple events each year, and has over 5000 calls with chiropractors annually. He is also a practicing chiropractor at his clinic, Pro Spine Health and Injury Center in Eden Prairie, MN.

Show Notes

  • Winner’s Edge Consulting – revolves around what counts in a chiropractor’s life.
  • Biggest downfalls of chiropractors are laziness, weakness, cheapness, and stupidity.
  • Chiropractic colleges have lost their “potency.”
  • People are being given a “false appreciation.”
  • The real world doesn’t handout participation trophies.
  • Military experience provided precision, thoroughness, ability to work under pressure, and demand for excellence.
  • It’s our job to be physically and mentally at our best for our patients and ourselves.
  • You need to have “absolute clarity of what the goal is,” then pose it as a question.
  • “Our bodies are achievement seeking.”
  • “Goals are everything, all else is commentary.”
  • A successful chiropractor moves smoothly, like James Bond.
  • Stop into open houses an talk to the real estate agent.
  • The professional chiropractor should be an expert at everything he/she chooses to accept: insurance, motor vehicle accident, worker’s comp, etc.
  • 3 Best Marketing strategies:
    • Print out a list of patients, visualize them returning to care, and call them back.
    • Ask for referrals from existing patients.
    • Hand out an information sheet about your practice, to the surrounding businesses, within 5 miles.
  • Contact: Winners Edge Consulting

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