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Ultimate Patient Experience

In this episode, Dr. Day talks about the ultimate patient experience. What is the importance of setting yourself apart from other practitioners by creating a superior patient experience? He breaks down the components of the experience he provides in his offices and the reasoning behind why he does things the way he does.


Show Notes

-Patients are consumers and consumers have their choice of healthcare providers.
-Chiropractors need to differentiate themselves from their competition.
-This can be by holding certifications such as DABCI, DABCO, DACBR. CCSP, or by utilizing specialed techniques, systems or equipment such as ART and Pettibon. Activator, Cox-Flexion-Distraction etc.
-This can be by serving a particular demographic such as athletes, children, families etc.
-Examine the each link in the chain of your patient’s contact with your office.
-Design and refine the Ultimate Patient Experience!
-Create an end-to-end patient experience that impresses your patients.
-Websites should make a positive impression.
-Initial contact either on the phone or in person should make a positive impression.
-Office decor and atmosphere should convey a message of style, professionalism, and warmth.
-Choose colors that convey a message of wisdom, healing, and trust. These are most often cooling colors.
-The patient in front of the doctor is given the doctor’s undivided attention.
-Furthermore, the doctor should listen more than he speaks.
-The patient experience is friction-less: smooth and hassle-free without extended waiting.
-Doctors and staff show empathy at all times for patients.
-From initial contact to patient release, patients every contact and service are performed to the highest level attainable without  adversely affecting the experience of other patients.
-Finally and above all, people want to be happy so create the ultimate patient experience by making visits to your office a happy one.

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