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Dr Tom Potisk operated a highly successful multi-DC family practice for 25 years, has been elected Chiropractor of the Year by his state association, and has been proclaimed America’s Most Successful Chiropractor by several media sources. Dr. Tom Potisk’s mission is to empower DCs to gain more growth, income, and stability in their personal and professional lives.

Show Notes

  • 60 Minutes documentary about chiropractic – inspiration!
  • Starting out in practice – scared, nervous, no confidence. There’s hope!
  • Relaxed coaching. Complementary consultations.
  • Common traits of struggling people – lack of commitment and determination
  • Ask the advice of successful docs. Those that are willing to share are worth listening to.
  • Communication skills: Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, Communication classes
  • What’s your definition of success?
  • A lot of doctors know what is limiting them. Also, asking the spouse and staff what is limiting the doctor can be very helpful.
  • Once a week staff meetings can help with team building and empowerment of staff.
  • Use incentives with the staff, may not always be money.
  • Marketing for the new doc: get out of the office and meet people, get involved in the community.
  • Marketing for the experienced doc: community parade, giant spine!
  • “The current trend is authenticity” – Dr. Potisk
  • Let people see that you are a regular person, keep it simple.
  • Success is multifaceted – Planning, improving skills, learning from pros, evaluating yourself, being sincere, take care of your own body.
  • Jim Collins – Good to Great
  • All the DC’s that perservered through the AMA campaign in chiropractic history
  • Sore Throat by Tom Potisk – COMING SOON
  • Daily rituals: Reading the Bible, eating salad, exercise
  • Best business advice: “Everything is gonna be ok.” But you do need to take action.
  • Whole Health Healing By Tom Potisk
  • Reclaim the Joy of Practice By Tom Potisk
  • Facebook
  • Giant Spine Chiropractic Costume

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